Q: I am just now doing web design research to do the bigger website and agree, something up now is better than nothing. You mentioned to find a template that is not too terrible – just to launch. Can you recommend any template web service that would be would be decent for the short run?

A: I don’t have any particular template services in mind – but I’d recommend to go with something that’s more plain and simple overall. Many web hosting companies offer simple templates with your domain name hosting, or there are a lot of companies who offer templates out there – just don’t get anything too busy or complicated. You’ll do less damage to your brand with a simpler look and feel for a template site.

Also, try to get a template that allows you to add your logo to it – instead of having all the graphics locked down.

Q: Secondly, can I keep the same domain name i.e. LauraSilva.com from the temporary web site to the permanent web site?

A: Not only can you keep the same domain name, but you should. Otherwise, you won’t get the same results after the waiting period – you’d have to start over again if you used a different domain name for the “real” website.