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2. For greater personal clarity around your business.

Taking the time to define your business brand – and to actually write that definition down – can help you to have more clarity about what your business is all about, your path in your business, who you want to work with, and how you can help them.

Just like the previous point, this not only helps when creating your brand, but it also helps you to be more clear when writing your marketing materials, deciding which marketing opportunities are right for you, running your business on a day-to-day basis, and even feeling like you have a purpose and vision in your business.

This is also especially helpful for solo entrepreneurs. Since they're working alone in their businesses, it can be easy to feel unclear about where their personality stops, and where the business begins. Defining the business's brand early on can help to make the difference more clear, and can help make your business seem more like its' own, separate entity instead of just an extension of yourself – and this separation can help gain you more credibility in the clients' eyes and to gain a bit more sanity for yourself by separating your work from personal life.

It can also be easy to want to change paths if the "going gets tough", especially if you haven't committed to your business's brand definition. But, that can be confusing and disorienting for your clients, and can make them feel unsure about working with you. If you've thought through the process of defining your business and written that down, then you'll be less likely to change paths on a whim and more likely to create a brand that your clients can trust and count on.