I often get asked how I find the time to write articles, keep up with the blog, update my portfolio online, write products, and to get my newsletter out, all on top of sales, doing design work, and actually having a life.

The answer is that I batch my tasks. Whenever I get in the mood to do something, I tend to stay in that mood for a while. So, I figure I might as well take advantage of that and make some real progress, instead of writing one article or blog post at a time.

It winds up looking like:
  • Sitting down and writing 4-5 pre-scheduled blog posts at one time
  • Writing half a dozen articles in a week and sending all of those to the proofreader at the same time (this saves her time as well!) If I do this four times a year, the whole year's worth of articles is complete.
  • Taking those edited articles and formatting them in HTML for my website all at once. At the same time, I cut and paste those into my newsletter template. Then, when it's time to send the newsletter out, I just have to add an intro and send it.
  • Saving up new projects (in a special folder on my computer) for 2-3 big portfolio updates at once, instead of trying to add projects one at a time as they're completed 

While I'm in "batch mode", if I think of a project in a different section, then I add those to a special section on my to-do list so that I can work on it when I'm in that mode.

Batching works so well for me in my business that I've extended it into some of my "life" tasks. I tend to do all the cooking for the week in one or two batches, so that I'm not spending time every day chopping onions. I batch my errands. I even batch my hobbies – doing a bunch of sewing all at once, or working on several paintings.

How could you use batching to make your marketing easier and more consistent?