Stop! Put down that Word document! And quit writing that web page!

Before you make another marketing piece for your small business, there are a few points that you absolutely need to know the answer to. Puzzling out these questions will help you make your materials more effective.

1. Decide who your best customers are. In order to know how to market, you first need to know who you're marketing to. Think about their personality, their problems, their wants and needs, their lifestyle, etc.

2. Think about how they want to be marketed to. Will your customers read an online newsletter? Will they even subscribe to one? If they get a postcard in the mail, will they just recycle it? How can you format your marketing so that your best customer will want to read it?

3. Think about – or even better, talk to – your best customers. Figure out what their questions are. What concerns they have. Address those in your marketing materials. Also ask about their color preferences, and design preferences. 

Just doing these 3 things can really help your marketing to help you reach your audience.