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Are you getting ready to attend a consumer show?  If so, you know just how valuable these
shows can be.  After all, they
allow you to interact with your consumer base while also making it possible for
you to really promote the products you currently have available and plan to
offer in the future.  Finding
success from a consumer show requires more than just showing up, however, as
you need to take steps to create a buzz around your product or service.  Otherwise, your time at the consumer
show is not likely to pay off very well.

Increase Attendance
with Pre-Show Promotions

Marketing experts have proven time and time again that
businesses can improve their booth attendance when they provide some sort of
pre-show promotion.  This means you
take steps to create interest in your product before the actual show.  A great way to do this is to send
incentive mailings to those that have registered to attend the showing.

According to a survey conducted by the Marketing faculty at
the Georgia Southern University, those businesses that sent out a mailer prior
to a consumer show were able to increase their booth attendance by 23%.  Those that sent a magnet along with the
mailer increased attendance by 36% while those that sent a mailer with a
promise of a free t-shirt were able to increase their booth attendance by
41%.  Obviously, the more people
you get to your booth, the greater your chance of winning over new customers.

Making the Experience
Pay Off

Participating in a tradeshow is not cheap.  Not only do you have to pay for your
booth, you also have to cover the travel expenses and the cost of having
employees man the booth. 
Therefore, if you are going to spend the money requires to participate
in a tradeshow, it is certainly worth your while to spend a little extra on
some promotional items that will ensure your booth gets visited.

The best use of promotional products is to draw consumers
in.  If you simply hand out
products to those that stopped by your booth anyway, you are not making as
great of an impact.  While this
will still help you advertise your business, you can effectively market your
business while also drawing in new customers to learn more about your product
or service when you create a buzz before the show with the help of promotional

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