So with the last post, I started thinking about the opposite: what I do really use on a regular basis to market my business.

Now, let me preface this: I’m a one-person service business. I don’t have a storefront or office. I work out of my house. My products are digitally based.
So, what do I use? On a regular basis, I use:
Designed printed items:
  • My brochure-business card: A brochure and business card in one, that answers peoples’ first question: which is always “where can I see your work?” 
  • Mailing labels: I print out a sheet of 30 Avery mailing labels at once on my color laser printer (actually, usually 2-3 sheets) and keep them with my stash of envelopes and stamps. Much handier (and brandier – ha!) than writing out my address whenever I mail something, and less expensive than printing envelopes. More compact, too! I can also put these on any size envelope, or on those Priority Mail envelopes from the post office – I’m not limited to #10 business envelopes.
  • CD labels: Whenever I have to send a CD to a printer or client (which, admittedly, isn’t that often – but it does happen!) – I do brand the CD with a CD label. I’ve had these pre-printed because individually aligning them in my printer drives me a bit crazy.

Online items:
  • My website, first and foremost. I’m constantly messing around with it, adding to it, and using it to answer more questions that arise. Any small business owner can use Adobe Contribute to make edits to a website on-the-fly. And, people around the globe and across the country can find me with it – my site does more than “be just pretty” of course. It helps me get found, get new clients, provide quotes to them… I should probably do my next post on just that.
  • This blog. It’s mostly text, and helps me give a place to answer questions, archive my thoughts, record the content of phone calls that would otherwise disappear. I hope somebody’s reading it. 🙂
  • My email newsletter. I send it out once every two weeks with promotions, an article, and whatever else comes to mind. A good way to keep in touch with a lot of clients relatively inexpensively. And, of course, the articles all get added to my website after sending, for posterity.
Other templates:
  • My eBook and workbook templates: I slightly customize each of these for new books and products.
  • Invoice header: In Quickbooks. Occasionally these get printed, but they mainly are used as PDFs.
  • Word document letterhead: I write estimates and proposals on this, and other documents as well. It’s handy enough to recommend to others – and versatile.

Occasionally, I use:

  • My promotional flashlights. Really, I just need to think of these more often. They’re pretty cool.
  • My trade show booth dress, like posters and banners. Though I don’t have a lot of shows that I go to, I use them often enough to keep them around.

Really, that’s about it. At least, that’s all I can think of at the moment… most small service businesses could probably get away with just the first few items here.