Should my banner ad continuously switch frames, or switch back and forth a few times and then stop?
That depends on how much control you have over your ad’s placement.
If you’re sure it will always be at the top of a web page, then your ad can stop after a few rotations. Especially if your ad has a lot of action going on, stopping it can help make the page it appears on seem more tame and easier on the eyes. Just make sure to stop it on the most informational frame. And, make sure it rotates enough – and slowly enough – so that people on slower internet connections can get all of the information.
But, if it might be towards the bottom of a page, it should switch continuously so that if a visitor is reading the text on the page, or if they get distracted, and don’t scroll down for a bit, then they’ll still get the full impact of the ad.
If you’re not sure how the ad will be used, then either let it rotate continuously or create multiple versions for people to choose from when they place the ad on their site. If you can, make the ecommendation about which version they should use.