I’m buying a list of email addresses to send an email promotion for my upcoming book to. Any tips?
I don’t do a lot of list-buying, as a rule. But, here’s what I know about it:
1. You want to make sure that you’re buying a list that’s recent, up-to-date and that the email addresses on it aren’t junk. I’ve heard that some list buying companies will allow you to test a sample of the list before buying, or they’ll guarantee a low percentage of address bounces.
2. Make sure that the people on the list know that their addresses are being sold – to avoid getting yourself in spamming trouble down the line.
3. It can be more effective to send a few emails with information that people can use (some tips from your book, for example) instead of just sending an ad for the book and asking people to buy. This helps you demonstrate value.

4. Make sure the email you write won’t trip too many spam filters – you want to avoid using words like free, money, and other junk-email type words.

5. Make sure that the email list comes in an easy-to-import format – no one wants to re-type all those addresses.