A friend asked me recently "how do you know what you're supposed to be doing?". And, he meant this on a grand scale – a "why are you here" type of question.

My answer to that was another couple of questions:
  • If you were put in an empty room for a while, what would you wind up itching to get out and do? What would you ask for to pass the time? (and, sleeping and reading aren't really answers here… we're not talking about filling the time, but what you'd really want to do)
  • If there's one thing that you do now that got taken away from you and made you sad that you couldn't do anymore, what would that one thing be?
And then I started thinking about this in respect to small businesses, and how they always have a hard time answering the deeper question of what's motivating their businesses. Beyond wanting to start something on their own, and beyond wanting to work with their clients, why is it that they're compelled to go to all the work of starting and running a business?

Your answers to this may inform your "why are you here"? And also hint to why you're running your small business, and what you want to help your clients create in their lives. And, your answer to this should inform your overall brand design and brand message – if you can clearly tell people why you're doing your business, they might read that and have a deeper understanding of your motivation, and be able to connect with you on that level.