It may seem simple to design a logo, marketing materials or a website for your business. After all, you’ve seen billions of logos. And you see marketing materials and websites every day.

So, you know what looks cool, and what you like to look at, right? So, you can just take what looks cool, and combine that with what you like to look at, and transform that into your marketing stuff?
There are a couple of issues with that:
1. What looks cool is typically based on trends. And, trends aren’t a great way to design your small business’s materials, because trends typically come and go over the course of a small business’s life cycle. You want to build a brand that will last – and that won’t look dated or out-of-fashion in a couple of years, or even a decade. You’ll be basing all of your business’s marketing on the designs that you create – and if you spend a few years with one look, and then suddenly change it all, you can lose your customers’ trust quickly.
2. Brand design is actually based on more than what looks good. The best brands are based on creating designs that connect with your best customers. Creating that connection is based on symbology – the language of what shapes and symbols mean to a customer – and psychology – how your customers’ minds work, and what associations they immediately and subconsciously make. You want to pick shapes, symbols, colors and fonts that are directly connected to the message that you want to communicate to your audience. And, unless you really study both your business and the elements of design, translating your business’s Brand Definition into these shapes and colors can be really challenging.
A brand designer can make the process of creating a brand that won’t fall apart when the trends change and that will communicate with your best customers easy for you – and can let you concentrate on running your business and creating products or providing your service!