I get a lot of calls from people who are looking for someone who can design, code and write their websites. Or, who can design and write their brochures. Or, design their logo and write their tag line.

And they’re hoping that I can fill both needs for them.
I don’t write for clients for a couple of reasons:
1. Writing and designing are two very different skills. Even if they’re not your strong point, think about how drawing something feels as compared to writing something. They’re just different types of activities.
Now, I know that there are designer/writer combo people out there – or teams of people, dynamic duos, who do both. But, I’ve chosen to be a one-person firm, and I don’t have a writer who works with me. But I do work with freelance writers that I can refer you to.
2. It would take more time for me to get to know your business. And, then the design project would get more expensive. I try to keep my design prices as low as I can so that the project stays affordable for small businesses. I trim my prices back as much as I can – counting getting to know your business and your design preferences, surveying your competition’s designs, doing the creative work of coming up with a unique design, going through revisions, and then preparing the job for print or for the web. It’s a lot of work!
Writing is easier than you think – and you can string words together. If you’re worried about making what you have to say sound professional, and making sure that your commas are all in the right place, then an editor can help with that at a reasonable rate.
3. I wouldn’t be able to write in your voice. Really, any outside writer wouldn’t be able to get your voice into the writing for your marketing materials. For a lot of small businesses, the entrepreneur’s voice, views and personality are central to the personality of the company. If you write your own materials and use your own voice and point of view in the writing, then your customers will be able to get a better idea of your personality and your company’s personality more quickly. And that can be priceless when it comes to making a connection with your clients.
So, that’s why I don’t write. What I can do is to help you figure out a basic outline of the types of information you might consider including in your site or materials. And once you have an outline, it’s often easier to fill in than you think with enough words to make your marketing piece.