And now, from a heavy topic onto a bit lighter one…

If you're designing/sending out a promotional mailing, then one of the biggest challenges is getting the recipient to actually open the envelope instead of immediately recycling it.

First of all, consider if it has to be in an envelope at all – people are more likely to look at a postcard than open an envelope. If you're really concerned about getting people to open your mail, and you can fit a basic description and a referral over to your website on a post card, then try that. You can print postcards up to 6" x 9", and that's a lot of space!

If you want to go with an envelope, you have a couple of options:
1. Put some information about your offer on the outside of the envelope. Consult the post office about the details about how much information you can put on your particular envelope, and where it can go. Also, make sure that the information that you choose to put on the envelope is interesting and compelling for your target audience – not sleazy and slick-sounding. 

2. Try going with a non-standard-sized envelope. Instead of a #10 business envelope, use a catalog envelope, square envelope, or even a smaller than usual envelope (invitation size) to grab the prospects' attention. Again, consult the post office – some specially sized envelopes require special postage. 

3. Put an actual thing in the envelope. This is often called "bulky mail" – where you put a promotional item or gift inside the piece of mail. Think about it – if you get something in the mail and it feels like more than just a piece of paper inside, you're going to open it and find out what you got, right?

I hope these suggestions help you to get your mail opened and read!