I’m writing the website text, and I wanted to know if it would be helpful for me to include META tags for you at the top of each page.
Thanks for thinking of it! Some of the META tags will be really helpful, but don’t worry about creating others.
META keyword tags aren’t actually used by the search engines anymore. Too many companies used that space to cheat and fill up their site with keywords that actually weren’t related to the content of the page. So now, the engines disregard that tag and look only at  the text that you’ve written on the page. That tag’s only use now is for your competition to take a look and see what keyword phrases you’re optimizing for.
So, choose the most important 2-3 keywords per page and note those – because I can place those in the code elsewhere – and place those at the top of the page when you’re writing your copy. More than about 2-3 keywords will look pretty strange when I place them in the code.
Also, writing a different Description tag for each page (or, at least for the different sections) can be helpful for your ranking.
One other way that you can help your ranking is to write a different Title tag for each page, and then to also include your keywords in your headlines and sub-heads.