Dear Erin,

I am writing to you because I have a branding related query and look forward to your assistance. My company is a service company offering 360 degree logistics solutions. We also have other companies in the group, all of which are services oriented. We are planning to re-brand our ‘group of companies’ and are in the process of changing everything from the name, logo, website, etc.

We are participating in a large scale logistics exhibition early next year and consider it is an excellent base to re-launch ourselves. However, the re-launch will not be the only thing promoted. We will also be promoting our products, capabilities, etc.

The exhibition will be attended by our competitors, suppliers, customers and important dignitaries from the logistics fraternity.

I would like to know if it will be good idea to re-launch ourselves at this exhibition or will it dilute the re-branding activity.

Look forward to your response.
Warm Regards,
Reshma Dixit

You can promote the re-branding at the exhibition along with other things – re-branding is more of a sub promotion at a trade show – a “by the way, we’ve rebranded – and look at all the great stuff we offer”.

I would recommend keeping the number of things you promote overall focused so that the people coming to the booth aren’t overwhelmed, and so that your staff can handle the different requests with ease. 

How big of a booth will you be having, and how many people will it be staffed by? I’d suggest promoting no more programs than you have people to staff the booth – otherwise, the staff can get overwhelmed trying to answer questions about many different products and services all day long.

Design your booth with the different promotions in mind, and separate them physically as well if that’s possible with your booth space. This will help your visitors see instantly that you have different things to offer – and how they can use your different services.

I hope this helps!

– Erin