Many small businesses who are locally based (house painters, pet sitters, nannies and baby sitters, tutors, etc.) occasionally forget to use all of the marketing avenues that are available to them. Since most of their competitors' marketing is typically done via flyers, classified ads, referral, and occasional brochures, they can concentrate on making sure that they have matching marketing materials – flyers of their own, classified ads, and trifold brochures – instead of branching out into other types of materials.

To expand your business, consider developing marketing pieces that are different from your competitions'. More and more customers are looking for services – even local ones that used to be bought and sold on community bulletin boards – online these days. 

So, put up a simple website – with a bit of information about you, some info about your services and rates, testimonials from happy customers, and your contact information. It doesn't have to be terrifically complicated to be effective.

You can also use a blog service to set up a very simple website at an affordable price.

Then, get your website listed on local directories. Google has a local search, and you can get listed on directories like or Look up your local area in the search engines and see what directories are available to you, and take advantage of those.