1. To get noticed in the mail instead of recycled

2. To give your prospect enough information to pique their interest

3. To tell your prospect what to do next (call you, get a free report to learn more, visit your website)

4. To be affordable to mail (make sure that the size of postcard you plan will be affordable to mail to all the people you plan to send it to)

5. To get out of your office – make sure that if you print a postcard, you have a plan for getting them out to your prospects. That means having addresses, a plan for getting them on the cards (writing them on, printing mailing labels, or printing directly on the cards). And, planning to get them stamped or metered as well. or, if you're planning to give the postcards out personally (for example, at a networking event or trade show), making sure that you follow through.

6. To be specific – you won't be able to tell your prospects everything about your business on a small card. Pick one thing to talk about and make sure your message is focused.

7. To match your brand and to be consistent with your other marketing pieces.