The jobs of your flyer depend strongly on what it's promoting and how you're planning to distribute it. For example, a flyer that's being posted on a bulletin board or in a window at a busy library or at the local market should be attention-grabbing and stand out from the other flyers on the board. It can also be helpful to include take-away call-to-action tabs with contact info so that the viewer can take this information with them easily, and be able to follow through on their interest. 

if you are going to place the flyer on the board, make sure that you distribute it in places where your target audience would be most likely to see it. This will help you to get it in front of your best clients. And, you'll reduce the number of unqualified queries that you might otherwise get.

The design of a flyer that's being mailed to a client, handed out at a networking event, left on a partner business's counter (or your own counter) or distributed at a trade show doesn't have quite the same challenge of a bulletin board. In this case, your flyer can be two-sided as well. But, you still want to provide a few things:

1. A design that matches the rest of your brand materials
2. Information about your offering. Again, make sure that this information is focused enough to fit on the one page you have, and to be compelling for your target audience.
3. To tell people what to do next.
4. To give your viewers your contact information so that they can follow up.

Consider if you need to get a digital version of your flyer as well – it might be helpful to post it on your website, or to be able to send a copy to your email list.