Or, better yet, a prize!

I've been going through this grueling website redesign/recode/rewrite project (redoing my own site), and it's really taking a lot of time and energy. I've been working on it full time for a couple of weeks now. 

About 4 days into the project, I found myself asking myself "Hey, it's summer! Why are you in here, coding HTML like a crazy person, when you could be in a chaise lounge at the gym by the pool, or off on a romp with the puppy? Are you crazy?"

That's when I realized that doing this project was extra-important to me, and that I had to keep going. If I didn't get my site updated, and the fall crush of business hit, then it'd get pushed back and back and back again until my business changed all over again and then I'd have to toss everything I've worked on and start again. Considering how much headway I've made, that sounds like a pretty awful idea. I could even go with "gross".

So, I decided that I needed to get extra motivated now that I could see the alternative to being cooped up in my office, typing away all day. (And that alternative seemed delightful!) So I gave myself a reward item. This works just like getting paid at the end of a professional project. Once the website is completed, I get to do something really nice for myself. It might be a spa day. I might go buy a new purse, or check out the fall fashions. Or go to the fabric store and splurge on craft supplies. I know I need to define the reward better before I finish, or I'll want all of the options to be the reward, but even just putting a prize to it is helping me to keep motivated on this beautiful weekend…