Physician Family Financial Advisors works with physicians who are concerned about taking care of their families, futures, and being active in their business practices.

This logo takes advantage of the three-part harmony that a small business’s logo uses to communicate with their clients. Here’s how:

1. The Icon. The icon here is designed as an abstract icon, with simple symbols that work together to tell the business’s story. The three checkmark shapes in the center go with the business’s focus of making sure that their clients can “Be certainâ„¢” that their finances are taken care of at all times. The checkmarks visually mean that this important task is “done”. The outer shape of the circle denotes wholeness, fullness and trust.

2. The Font. I chose a font that is a clear sans-serif font, which makes it easy to read and scalable. However, this font (which is called Optima) also has a bit of serif at the ends of the letters — which gives it a more traditional, established feel. I’ve stacked the words of this business name so that the logo will be compact on the business materials and also to give balance to the long name.

3. The Color Palette. Here, we focused on what the target audience (physicians) want from their money. They want to be able to spend more time relaxing with their families, taking vacation and spending time with them. The teal and brown color palette is reminiscent of the beach, a popular vacation destination. The colors are also soothing together, and they aren’t the same old navy-blue or green-based color palettes that are popular in the financial planning industry, so the color palette helps this client to stand out.