Nina Price Logo

Nina Price helps High-Tech Professionals stay professionally competitive by using a wide variety of tools — massage, acupuncture, Business and Wellness Coaching, Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbal foot soaks, and even Detox treatments.

This logo is a good example of the three elements that a small business’s logo uses to communicate the business’s personality to their best clients. Here’s how it does that:


1. The Icon. The icon in this logo uses icons of the different senses and parts of the body that Nina works with in her business to impact the energy level (shown by the star) and the soul (shown by the heart icon) of her clients. The hand drawn look and swirls in the icons denote the energy and sense of humor that she approaches her work with.


2. The Font. This font, with its’ sharp edges, adds a bit of the computer-industry flair to the logo without overpowering the hand-drawn icons.


3. The Color Palette. Though I don’t often recommend using the entire rainbow in your logo, in this case, the broad-spectrum treatment is appropriate. It visually speaks of the range of services that she provides and the range of problems that she can help her clients through.


I also designed her stationery, website ( and business card.