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The Three-Part Harmony in Your Logo
The 6 Jobs of Your Logo's Icon
The 4 Jobs of Your Logo Font
The 5 Jobs of your Logo's Color Palette
Keep Your Logo Simple

Logo Design Questions: Answered!
9 Keys to an Effective Logo
Types of Logos: Text, Symbol and Combination Logos
Is Your Business Ready For A Logo?
A Logo Isn't A Tattoo! Why Your Personal Tastes Have Nothing To Do With Your Logo
A Logo Without Your Name… Can Be A Big Branding Pain!
No Logo?: Launching a Business Without a Logo Can Sabotage You
Time to "Get Over" the Rainbow (in your logo, that is)
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Logo Redesign
Why Entrepreneurs Divorce Their Logos (And Why It's A Bad Idea)
The Domino Effect of Changing Your Logo
Signs It's Time To Redesign Your Company's Brand
Rebranding Is an Excuse to Party in Your Business

Small Business Branding and Brand Definition
What Is A Brand?
The Layers of Your Brand
Why your Business Brand Shouldn't Be An Exact Mirror Image Of You
The Four Red Light Factors For Your Business Brand
Focus Your Definition
Branding Is Like A Fairy Tale…
How To Avoid Having To Market Two Separate Businesses Even If You Offer Two Services

Brand Differentiation
Define Your Difference: To Stand Out and Make Your Business Shine
How to Determine Whether You've Chosen a Good Niche
The Great Fear of Niching… and Why You Need to Get Over It!
The Truth About Your Competition
How Your Business Should Act Like A Snowflake

Brand Identity
15 Reasons Small Businesses Need a Brand Identity System
Connecting With Your Customers Through Your Brand Identity
9 Keys to Building a Stand-Out Brand Identity
Attract More Clients With A Brand Identity
Three Brand Identity Myths That Will Bring Your Business Down
Four More Brand Identity Myths
To Tag Or Not To Tag?
Splitting a Brand Design Project Between Two Design Firms

Stationery and Marketing Material Design
Designing Temporary Materials to Get You Through A Branding Emergency
Create Your Marketing Machine to Plan for Marketing Success
What Order To Design In?
Top 3 Must-Have Marketi
ng Pieces

Follow Up With Your Clients
Why You Need To Get An Email Newsletter Service
Designing Your Email Newsletter
Business Card Basics
Make Sure Your Business Card Stands Out
Contact Information to Include On Your Business Card
The Two-Sided Business Card Debate
How To Stand Out At A Trade Show

Visual Vocabulary
All About Visual Vocabulary and How It Can Help Your Small Business
The 9 Advantages to Using a Visual Vocabulary in Brand Identity Design
The Building Blocks of Visual Vocabulary: Consistency
The Building Blocks of Visual Vocabulary: Flexibility
Font Basics for Branding Your Small Business

Website Design
How to Make Sure Your Website Won't Need a Do-Over
How To Make Your Website Structurally Sound
Why Isn't Your Website Working Well?
The Balancing Act of Making Everyone Happy With Your Website
Stop Making Excuses. Your Website Must Match Your Other Marketing Materials
5 Easy Ways to Establish Your Brand Online
Building A One-Page Website
Starter Website Plan for a Service Business
Pages to Include in Your Website
Creating Your Home Page
Get Your Website Launched!
The Art of Website Maintenance
Signs It's Time To Redesign Your Website

Search Engine Optimization and Website Promotion
Search Engine Optimization: It's Not Who You Know, It's Who Knows You
Why You Won't Get Instant Gratification From the Search Engines and What to Do About It
Why All The Search Engine Secrecy?
Why Starting A Relationship With The Search Engines Can Be Hard
The Search Engine Trinity
Do You Really Need To Come In First Place?
Your Small Business's Search Engine Ranking Emergency
Getting Your Website Noticed by the Search Engines
How Search Engine Optimization Helps Small Businesses
How to Make Your Website Search-Engine Friendly
You've Created a Business Website: So Now What?