You may have come to this site searching for someone who can just design a pretty logo for you. Some little picture that will sit at the top of your letterhead—and you want to tell someone a couple of things about your business (the name, and the industry you’re in, perhaps) and then have them just whip something up.

If that’s what you’re here for, then I’m sorry to say that you’ve come to the wrong site. My logo design service is much more than just that—my process is designed to create a logo for your business that’s more than just a pretty face.

I create logos that help businesses tell their stories to their target market in a way that helps them to form a connection with their best customers.

In my logo design process, I first take a look into your company and help you write your business’s Brand Definition. To help make this process smoother, I’ve developed the “Define Your Difference” Branding Workbook, so that you can answer a collection of questions about your business. Then, I go through your answers to the workbook and pull out the important facts about the 4 major branding factors in your business: Who You Are, What You Do, What Makes You Different, and Who You Can Best Help.

Your logo’s job is to visually tell your story—Who You Are, What You Do, and What Makes You Different—to those People You Can Best Help. You need to first sit down and define what your business is all about, so that I can create a logo that will tell the right story.

Once your Brand Definition is written (and you approve it), I launch into the drawing phase of the logo design process. But, my process is different here as well.

Instead of giving you a couple of logo design options to choose from, I will show you many options that could communicate the different parts of your Brand Definition in several different ways. My process also pays a lot of attention to the different components that make up your logo—the icon, font and color palette. Each of these components can be infused with meaning, and gives me an opportunity to make that logo tell a bit more of your business’s story.

The logos that I create wind up being meaningful, memorable communication devices that show your customers what your business is all about.