My friend and client, Nina Price, wrote up a piece on a business card we created for her massage practice and how it impacted her business. I thought it was really great, so I’ve copied it here. 

I didn’t set out to design the ultimate “ouija board” business card, but it turned out that I succeeded.

While I was in acupuncture school I made my living as a coach and as a massage therapist.  I decided that I wanted to create some marketing collateral that would keep my name in front of my clients so that they would book regular appointments.  I always want to be memorable and I enjoy being creative. One day I saw that you could purchase and print post-it notes in some new non-rectangular shapes.  I found some really cute hand-shaped post-it notes and decided that I would have my logo and contact information printed on the post-its. With the assistance of my friend Erin Ferree, a talented designer, we created a clever variation on my logo which became the background of stars on the hand to tie the logo and contact information together into a balanced design.

We printed what seemed at the time a huge quantity of hand-shaped post-its, and I started giving them out to people I met. Before long they became my business card.  I really liked having a non-traditional business card because it was memorable, and I was memorable.  One time I even went to a massage class taught by a woman who had written a book on marketing for massage therapists. I gave her my card, a pad of  hand-shaped post-its, and she asked whether she could include it in the next edition of her book! Needless to say I said “of course!”

The most profound aspect of my hand-shaped post-it notes is that I noticed a trend in peoples’ reactions to the post-its when I gave them to them. I noticed that the receiver either did one of two things: either they said “How cute, what a clever idea for a card! I love it!” or they peeled the top post-it off the pad and gave me back the rest of the pad.
Once I noticed the two trends I then watched to see whether the people who received the post-it pads booked an appointment with me or booked a return appointment with me. To a person the people who peeled off the top post-it and gave me back the rest of the pad did not book or rebook an appointment with me! The people who loved the concept and said so for the most part booked or rebooked appointments with me, without any follow up or cultivation on my part. In some cases they booked appointments in the short term and in other cases it took a longer time.

What’s amazing about all of this is that I can predict by the way people respond to my post-it note pad business card, who are my ideal prospects and who I need to follow up with and cultivate. These days I do follow up conscientiously with ideal prospects. This is a huge gift.

What if you had a business card or a piece of marketing collateral or a website that offered you predictable insight on who your ideal prospects are? What indicators do you use to determine who your ideal prospects are?  How reliable are they?

Being able to accurately predict who your ideal prospects are can save you time, money and effort. Start to notice the trends in how people gravitate to you, why they buy and continue to buy from you. The trends can help you predict more accurately how to market to other similar ideal prospects.