Does rebranding your business mean that you need to – or should – redesign your logo?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine whether you need to redesign:
  • What is the purpose of this rebranding? What changes are you making in your business, and does your old logo match the new brand?
About the logo:
  • How long have you had it? How much have you used it?
  • Do you like the logo? If you do, it might be worth keeping. If not, this might be a good reason to change it.
  • Do your clients react well to your logo? If they do like it, are the clients you're working with now your ideal clients for the new brand?
About whether redesigning the logo is appropriate or if it should be started over:
  • How much are you changing what you're doing in your business with your new brand? If you're moving too far away from what you used to offer, then you would be better served by starting over with a fresh logo, to visually signal that you've made a change.
  • How well does the logo print/ reproduce on your marketing materials?