I am trying to create a quick letterhead template for my company. Is there
a certain type of font I should use for the address block?


Here are the qualities you want to watch out for in your letterhead address block font:

1. Make sure your letterhead font is legible and prints well. If you’re going to send faxes on your letterhead, test the fonts you’ll use to make sure they’re still legible after going through the fax process.

2. Think about how you’ll use your letterhead. If it’s a digital letterhead that will be used on several different computers, it will be easiest to choose a font that comes preinstalled on most computers so that you’ll be able to open and use the letterhead with no technical difficulties. If you’re going to be the sole user, then you might want to invest in a font for your letterhead that will make it more unique.

3. Think about the personality of your company, and match the font to the personality. Sans serif fonts are good for technology-oriented companies, and give your company a more approachable and friendly feel. Serif fonts are more traditional and can make your business look more established. In any case, you probably don’t want to go with anything that looks like handwriting or is too decorative. Script fonts are also harder to read.

4. If you have a logo, you should make sure that the qualities of your logo font coordinate with the font that is used in your logo. This does not mean that it has to be the same font, but it’s a good rule of thumb to match some of the characteristics – whether the “o” in both fonts is round or oval, for example.