The last area where my old newsletter service was really falling down was in customer service. They had several strikes against them in this category:

  • Poor online help. They had one page of FAQ information, and that was it.
  • No call-in customer service. They had a call-in sales line, but no customer support service.
  • Bad turnaround time on emails. I would email them, and sometimes not hear back for days.
  • Uninformative answers to questions. When I did hear back, their answers would be cursory and not very helpful. Not exactly what I'd been waiting for. 

They basically didn't seem too concerned about the problems I was having with their service, and didn't show any interest in fixing those. Which is no good!

I've moved to a service that has phone support and email support. I had a bit of trouble importing my email addresses to their system, and I got very quick email responses (sometimes in as little as 15 minutes).

They have a huge online knowledgebase of support issues.

And, they have extensive training on email newsletters – their basic information looks good for my clients, and there's a lot of technical information that I have been using to learn more.

So, when you shop for a newsletter service, look for one that has the right amount of support for your needs. And that the support is of a level that's appropriate for you – whether you're a novice or an advanced user.