What happens to marketing your business when you get busy?

Since most consultancies are 1-person businesses, it's good to make sure that you address this question and make a plan to handle it. One person businesses can reach their manpower capacity pretty quickly, and you need to make sure that no matter what, you're still marketing consistently.

Whether you've gotten busy with client work or personal matters, it can really help your business to have a few marketing pieces at the ready. These can also be helpful strategies when you go on vacation – to make sure your marketing is uninterrupted while you are gone.

– A couple of pre-scheduled blog posts. Your blog allows you to set up posts before it's time for you to publish them. You can either save these posts as a draft or you can actually set them up to be published on a certain date, automatically.

– Some pre-written articles. This is especially important if you publish a newsletter. Just having an article or two set aside means that if you get busy, you can release that to your list without a huge investment of time. If you've really got some time and space to set these up, consider pre-formatting the newsletter too so that it's all ready to go.

– Make your website answer some of the most frequently asked questions you get from your clients. If your website can field basic questions, like your getting-started process, or who you typically work with, or what clients need to have at the ready to maximize the effectiveness of working with you, then you can refer people there to really learn more about working with you. This can help protect your time, keep your business running when you're busy or out of town, and keep clients happy.