Many small businesses are afraid to write their own website (or even brochure) copy.

However, I highly recommend that an entrepreneur write their own text, for several reasons:

1. The copy you write will sound more like "you" than anything that anyone else could create. It's important for a small business owner to write their text in their own voice, so that your website copy can start to build the relationship with your customers from the first time they read your marketing materials. 

2. Your voice will also remain consistent throughout the marketing, sales and service process – you'll have written the text, you'll answer the phone to talk to the prospect, and you'll be the one providing the service to the customer. Consistency in all of these aspects will help to build trust with the client.

3. Writing your copy gives you a chance to work out your offerings. Creating text will allow you to scope out your services, decide how your process works, and craft your offers to your customers. If you give the writing process over to someone else, they might make these decisions for you – and you might find that you can't work with or live with the results.

That said, I do highly recommend that after writing up your content, you get it edited by a professional copyeditor – to make sure it makes sense and that all your commas are in the right place.