Have you ever tried to write a 30-word promotion for your business? And to cover absolutely everything that you need to in that tiny bit of space?

Unless you've been in business for a while, and working on your messages, this is probably a pretty difficult proposition.

It's often harder to write a paragraph to promote your business – while making sure that it's effective – than it would be to write a page on the same topic. Your copy has to do several things:
1. Be easy to understand. Keep in mind that your prospects often won't know a lot about your field of expertise. Don't use too much industry-specific jargon, and be sure to fully and simply explain 
2. Be compelling. Talk about your target market's problems, and how you can help solve them.
3. Answers the prospect's basic questions so that your prospect gets comfortable with the idea of your product or service. Also, this can help stop your phone from ringing constantly with the same questions – and enable you to get more done.
4. Makes your offer – with all of the associated details. Things like price, how your service or product works, what the prospect will need to provide you with, etc. should all ideally be covered. Hard to do in just a few words.
5. Leaves the prospect wanting more information (or, to make a purchase). And, tells them how to go about doing that.

This is a lot of information – and it's even a lot to fit into a postcard or a brochure. With a website, you can create different pages, the pages can scroll down to accommodate more information, and you can even add new pages to the site to help explain new offerings or special offers. You'll have more space to expand, to test new things, and to grow.