I’ve gotten a couple of replies to my email newsletter with the 1ShoppingCart article in it that asks if I’m using 1ShoppingCart.

The answer is, yes! I do use 1ShoppingCart, both for my site and for clients who want to set up their own carts. I happen to use a rebranded version of 1ShoppingCart called “Marketer’s Choice” – I signed up for it years ago, and don’t remember exactly how I wound up with them instead of signing up directly with 1SC. 

But, the back end is all 1ShoppingCart. I log in to the 1shoppingcart.com page, and everything that I use is 1ShoppingCart – and it works and looks the same.

Also, I thought I would publicize my 1ShoppingCart link. If you liked the article and would like to give it a try, I certainly wouldn’t mind getting a referral credit. Here that is: