You can increase the interactivity of your website with an email form. An email form can help your customers have a conversation with you, and can help you suggest or control the topics of conversation. You can:

  • Collect visitors' email addresses for an opt-in newsletter
  • Have prospects contact you for more information
  • Have clients send in their project-start-up information (like an intake questionnaire)
  • Have interested visitors ask you a question or suggest article topics 

Creating a form that emails you its' content can help with all of these tasks and more. But, how do you code the form?

I just found a free online tool that works really well for this purpose:

You sign up for an account, and then it walks you through the process of creating an email form. Then, it generates a simple link that you can paste into your website code, email to your designer, or place on a blog post.

The added bonus to these forms is that they come with CAPTCHA images – those combinations of letters that some forms make you type in. These help control spam submissions.

Try it out if you need to make your website a bit more interactive.