Many small business owners get nervous about writing their biography or About page for their websites. 

That's understandable – it can be hard to talk about yourself, especially if you've been brought up not to talk about your accomplishments or to brag. 

First of all, don't freak out! It's just a bio. 

If it's appearing online, especially on your own website, you can edit it later. So it's not set in stone. In fact, your bio will change and evolve over time as you do.

And, don't think of it as bragging. Think of it more as helping the reader understand where you're coming from – what your experience is, who you are, and what's important to you.


  • The point of a bio is often to establish authority and to explain why the reader/listener should pay attention. So, write it with that in mind. 
  • Answer the question: how do you know what you know?
  • Pull any relevant or interesting information from your resume. Don't make it into a resume – but highlights may be appropriate.
  • What's the bio going to appear on? The bio that you write should have something to do with the thing that it's appearing on.
  • Position the bio from the angle of the person reading it. Make it applicable to them.
  • Use active (not passive) language.
  • Speak with authority. No sounding wishy-washy about what you've accomplished.
  • Use interesting words. If it's fun to read, it's more likely to get read.
  • Include your phone number, website or some method of contacting you.

Do you have other tips for writing an interesting, compelling and helpful bio or About page? Leave your suggestions in the comments!