Once your video has been uploaded to YouTube, linking it to your video or blog is quite easy:

1. Log In: To your YouTube account.

2. Click On "My Videos" in the pull down link under your user name.

3. Choose Your Video: Click on the title of the video that you would like to display on your website or blog.

4. Get the Link: On the right side of the screen, there are two options for getting links to your video – the first is a link to watch it on the YouTube page, and the second is the code to embed the video player on your site. Since it's often better to keep visitors on your site than referring them to other sites and losing their attention (especially if you're referring them to a site as distracting as YouTube), you will probably want to embed your code in your page.

5. Copy and Paste: this link into your blog or website
  • Blog: If your blog software has an HTML window, it will be easiest to open this window and paste the embed link into the code. If not, look in your help files to see how you can insert HTML code into a blog post.
  • Website: If you have access to your own site, through editing software (like Dreamweaver, Contribute or even FrontPage), an online editor (like Adobe InContext Editing or Microsoft Office Live), or other means, then just copy and paste the link into the site. If you have a designer who maintains your site for you, then send them the link (or your YouTube account login info if you're going to have many videos for them to post over time), and have them embed the code – it shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

6. Upload and Test: Upload your edited website files and test to make sure it worked.

YouTube makes it very easy to embed your videos in your website.