You can create PowerPoint presentations in either horizontal or vertical formats. Here are some pros and cons of each approach:

  • PRO – Is the industry standard
  • PRO – Looks like a Powerpoint (is familiar to the viewer)
  • CON – Looks like a Powerpoint (some viewers are biased against Powerpoint presentations)
  • PRO – Will project better on a wider range of projectors for presentation
  • PRO – Can fill a larger portion of a regular monitor: can be viewed bigger
  • PRO – The presets in PowerPoint are set for horizontal slides (image formatting, chart/graph formatting will be easier)
  • PRO – Offers a longer line length – this is good for making bullets that don’t flow into too many lines
  • CON – If you have existing materials in workbook or vertical format, these will need to be reformatted
  • PRO – Flow charts and timeline illustrations are often horizontally formatted, and they will be able to fill the full slide.
  • PRO – Is unique
  • PRO or CON – Looks more like a workbook than a PowerPoint
  • PRO – Does not require switching the printer setting to landscape when you print slides
  • CON – Would require more customization from PowerPoint’s built in layout templates
  • CON – Would wrap text more in titles (2 line titles can take up a lot of slide real estate)
  • CON – Will be smaller on monitors, and possibly harder to read. 
  • CON – To make up for smaller display, you will have to use larger fonts, which means less text on each slide
  • CON – Less horizontal space for laying out a picture next to a block of text.

What other issues am I missing? Leave your reply in the comments!