I did a round of basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on a new client’s existing website a couple of months ago.

Before search engine optimization, she wasn’t ranking in the first 3 pages for her chosen keywords -“Mercedes Benz Repair San Mateo”. As of last week, her site ranked #3 – at the top of the first page – for this same phrase.

I optimized her site for a few other phrases as well, and she’s moved up in the ranking on all accounts.

She’s been getting more leads through her website since the ranking improved. This goes to show that you don’t have to be #1 on Google to get good results.

To get this ranking, we did a few simple things:

1. Identified the keywords she wanted to rank for.

2. Embedded those keywords in the page titles and throughout the site.

3. Wrote META keyword and description tags with the new keywords.