There are 4 major consistency factors that you have to take into account when designing your online brand:

1. Design: Take into account the design style, appropriateness to your business, cleanness of the design, and timelessness (you don’t want to look dated – and have to start all over again – in a year). And, make sure the brand design of your online elements folds into and makes sense with your print design pieces and tells a unified brand story.

2. Cost: To design the original pieces, and to maintain the online brand in the future. Paying a bit more up front for a solid and flexible online brand might wind up saving you a lot in the long run.

Part of the cost portion of the equation is the ability for you to maintain your online presence yourself – you don’t want to have to have your designer constantly making small updates. Plan to design your materials to enable you to do that from the beginning – and take the time to learn how.

3. Ability to Grow: Your brand has to grow with your business. You have to be able to expand your brand to take on any challenges that may arise. And, you have to be able to expand it to support the growth of your business, the promotion of any new products or services, new partnerships and to handle all the online media that you want to get into.

4. Flexibility: Your brand needs to be adaptable to changes in your business and in technology. You should also plan a bit of “wiggle room” in your brand so that it can be updated to keep in line with visual trends. And, your brand should be able to adapt to new coding and new media advances (lately, video) so that you can keep up with the times.