What does brand design do for a small business that a logo can’t?

A brand gives your small business:

  • A face – which is incredibly important for service businesses. The image helps make what you’re doing more real, and more tangible.
  • A set of visuals that you can use to help communicate to your clients. Many people are visual learners, and remember what they see better than what they hear or read.
  • Consistency in marketing, so that each “impression” – or viewing – of your brand adds up with the others and creates more memorability.
  • A professional appearance. People like doing business with others who look “put together”.
  • A framework for creating additional marketing materials. You’re no longer starting from scratch, but you have a map of what your pieces should look like and where to go from there.
  • A big business presence – and big business impact. A well-constructed brand makes you look bigger than you are – even if you’re a 1-person business, working from your couch.
  • The confidence to market. If you’re timid about marketing, an impressive brand can make getting the word out easier, because you want to show it off!
  • Confidence from your clients. If they see that you have invested in creating a brand, and spent the time to think about your intentions. This makes them more confident that you can handle their problems.
  • A strategy. Branding begins with strategy – examining your business’s differentiators, USP and target audience. This strategy helps guide your marketing and business growth.
  • Organization. A good brand has to be organized – in the thinking behind it, the way that it grows, the way it’s presented and created. This organization shines through to your clients.
  • The tools to stand out. If you create a visually interesting brand, that communicates to your best clients, and shows the story of your business, and then use those components in an organized and consistent way, your business’s materials will stand out from the competition.