There are many reasons why you should use color in your small business’s brand. According to statistics provided by Xerox:

  • Studies show that color can improve brand recognition by up to 80%. Color is the third opportunity for creating a memorable brand – along with your picture and word choices. People will sometimes know your color palette better than they’ll know the specifics of your design.
  • Color makes your marketing materials more memorable. 39% more memorable, in fact. How often have you seen a color and been reminded of a company – like UPS brown or IBM blue?
  • Color can highlight important information. People often look at printed materials for about 2.5 seconds before they decide to throw it out or keep it. They look at webpages for sometimes as little as a second before deciding whether to click away. If you highlight important facts with color, or use color to make your headline very visible, there’s a better chance that those facts and headlines will be read.
  • Color increases comprehension of your message by up to 73%. Colors all have meanings associated with them, and can make the viewer feel different emotions. If you align your color choices with your message, you will make your message stronger and make your designs more effective.