My thoughts on why a small business should really use color in their brand:

  • Color makes an immediate impression on the viewer. At a glance, color will begin to convey messages, help separate out information logically, and   give your materials a personality. It can also make your materials look more professional than greyscale.
  • Color can be seen long before the details of a design. Have you ever been driving down the road, giving someone directions and said “The Safeway is the red sign about a block down.” This illustrates how a color can help your brand to be seen, recognized and processed much more quickly.
  • Consistent color greatly increases the overall consistency of your designs. Having an established color palette that you use across all of your materials – in print and online – automatically makes your materials seem more consistent and pulled together. And consistency increases the likelihood that your brand will “stick” in your customers’ minds.
  • Color cuts through some of the visual noise. Color also just adds some “pow” to the communication. The color ads in a newspaper have more impact than the black and white ones next to it.
  • Color is just more appealing. Think about the comics in the newspaper – why are the Sunday comics more appealing than the regular-day ones? Part of the appeal is the color itself. Color attracts the viewer’s eye and is more engaging.
  • Color doesn’t always add (that much) to the cost. There are many cost-effective ways to use color in your brand – for example, with digital printing. You can get full-color printing at reasonable prices. Look for sales on color copies. If you print a lot of color, you might want to invest in a color laser printer.