Many small businesses worry that they are too small to create a brand. However, if you’re in business and talking to people about it, you’re already doing just that.

A brand is “The collection of perceptions that your customer has about your business”. And, if you’re interacting with people in any way, they’ll start to collect perceptions. You’re already building a brand, even if you haven’t invested time or money into creating one.

Every business has a brand – regardless of whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or running your startup with a laptop on the couch. You need to spend time thinking about and developing your brand so that your customers don’t do it for you. You control your brand in 2 ways – by defining your business’s brand story, and then designing the experience of your brand to communicate that.

The experience of your brand includes your logo, marketing materials, and web presence, and also how you deliver your services, how you talk about your business, your writing, and even the way you decorate your office and dress when you attend meetings.

Your business might be too small to do all of this at once. But you should work on all of these factors to develop your own brand and to use it as a tool for business growth.