This probably seems almost like the last question. But, instead of being about having a brand, which all small businesses do, this is about intentionally designing a brand.

The answer is, maybe. Every small business is not ready to design their brand out of the gate. And you don’t have to be!

Here are some of the concerns behind this:

1. The cost of designing a brand. Doing it right is not cheap – branding is an in-depth process that requires strategic thinking and creative work. But it’s an investment in your business – it will help increase the perceived value of your services and the credibility and trustworthiness of your business.

How to handle this: First, allot some of your business-improvement funds to branding. Save up for your brand (it might even help to create a separate savings account just for branding). Find a designer who will take credit cards. Some even offer payment plans to break up the investment over a period of time.

Don’t: Sacrifice the quality of your brand to get it done on the cheap. Your brand is the face of your business, and a good brand can help you land more clients. A cheap brand might not connect with your clients, and could even hurt the credibility of your business.

In the mean time: Create a temporary brand – something that’s simple and consistent, but will still allow you to market your business.

2. Whether your business is prepared to create your brand. If you’ve just started your business, and not yet worked with many clients, then there’s a chance that you’re not entirely sure of your business direction. You need to make sure that your business is clearly defined so that your brand will be a good fit. You also need to have a business plan so that your brand can be created to support your business’s goals and growth.

What to do: This one’s an easy fix. Work on your positioning and your brand story. Really think about the answers and what you truly want to create in your business.

And create a business plan – even a One Page Business Plan could help solidify your direction.