How do you design a flyer that will stand out on a crowded bulletin board and get people interested enough to grab one of your phone-number tabs? 

1. Write a compelling, interesting headline – focused on what your ideal client wants. Use interesting words to say it!

2. Outline the benefits to using your service. Don’t use a lot of words – the people reading your flyer won’t have a lot of time. Make your point quickly, clearly and concisely – why do people want to call you?

3. Add visual interest with a photo. Using a photo of yourself can build credibility and make your service seem more real. If you don’t have one, or don’t want to, you can use a stock photo in the design of your flyer.

4. Highlight a special offer. Make it a great deal to get response, and make it very prominent on the flyer.

5. Make your tabs big and bold. Include your website and phone number on them. And, if you’re wondering if tabs are the way to go, think back to the last time you tried to write down a phone number from a flyer, or tried to remember a website. How well did that go? Make it as easy as possible for new clients to contact you.

6. Use color to reproduce your flyer. You can get color copies that are extremely affordable these days – watch your local color copy shops for sales, or try PS Print. Black and white just doesn’t cut it – even if you use neon paper. That’s just so 1999!

7. Include license numbers if you’re required to. If your industry makes you use your license number on your marketing materials, stay compliant on your flyer by listing it at the bottom.

8. Think bold when it comes to graphics. Bold colors, fonts, shapes, and layout will help you stand out and help people read your flyer quickly.