Today’s tip: Make sure the photos on your website are up-to-date. This goes for your custom photography like headshots and product shots, as well as your stock photography.

  • Headshots: Does your hair look anything like that anymore? How out-of-fashion are those shoulder pads? Do you wear glasses now, or did you get Lasik and now you don’t have to wear them anymore? Are you using a photo from a much younger time? Would someone who looked at your headshot on your website recognize you if you met them in a crowded coffee shop? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to call a photographer, get a fabulous new top and get some new headshots to post on your site.
  • Product shots: Have you updated your product designs? Added to your line? Are the photos themselves grainy shots that could be improved by reshooting with a more modern digital camera? Or, if you have digitally-created “book” shots, could you update the cover to be more eye-catching and timely? All of these are red flags for an update.
  • Location shots: Do you have shots of your office, spa, or hotel on your site? Have you redecorated? Updated the fixtures or furniture? A new photo could showcase these important updates and let potential clients know that you’re keeping up with the times.
  • Stock photos: Are the people or backgrounds in your stock photos looking not-so-fresh? Do the photos just not feel like your business anymore? Or, could you do better by simply swapping the stock photos out for new ones (this is one of the quickest, least-expensive website refresh jobs you can do – especially if you search for new photos yourself and provide them to your designer!)