Unless your brand has been hiding in a closet, every existing brand has some degree of brand equity – of recognizability, value or trust that your clients already place in that brand. When you redesign your brand, you want to use the power of your brand’s equity as best you can as you move forward, so that you don’t just slog forward, but leap!

Here’s how:

1. Evaluate your existing brand. What parts are people constantly commenting on? The font you use? Your color palette? A photo you use on your website? Take note of what people react to so that you can capitalize on that.

2. Really look at why you’re redesigning. Has your company changed? Or do your designs just look outdated? What do you want to create with your new brand?  Considering these questions in advance can help you keep your eye on the prize – and design your new brand with your redesign goals in mind.

3. Take the best part of your brand and carry it forward – if appropriate! For example, if your color palette is unique in your field, appropriate to your new brand and doesn’t look out-of-date, then carrying it forward will help your clients recognize your new brand. The same applies to fonts and photos.

4. Let everyone know that you’re redesigning. Instead of leaving your clients confused, keep them in the loop throughout the redesign process. That way, they won’t feel left out when you debut your new brand. You may even want to ask some of your best clients for feedback on your new design direction throughout the process – you’ll get some great information that way, and they’ll feel involved and valued!