This week, look for gaps or holes in your marketing kit and get them filled in, so you’ll be ready to market seamlessly throughout the fall. And so that you’ll have a full brand kit, and be able to present a professional image at every available opportunity.

1. Create a Microsoft Word letterhead so that you’ll be able to create professional-looking documents on the fly. (This is also the first step to marketing freedom – you’ll be able to create what you want, instantly!)

2. Create a back side for your business card. That’s valuable real estate that’s just lying blank.

3. Reprint any materials you’re out of or low on – get stocked up for the foreseeable future. Update them while you’re at it!

4. Look at your marketing calendar and schedule in the creation of any supporting materials. For example, if you’re doing a trade show later this year, you’ll want to start thinking about promotional items and booth signs.

5. Get a header graphic prepared for your Quickbooks invoices. Professional-looking invoices make a huge difference in your customers’ perception of your company.

6. Get a signature graphic prepared for your emails. Every impression opportunity counts – and just think about how many emails you send!

7. Look at your online graphics and get custom graphics for anything that you’re currently using a template for (your newsletter, Twitter background or blog are common suspects here!)