The end of the summer is a great time to really shine a light on your marketing materials and examine them closely for accuracy and to make sure that they’re modern. That way, you have time to fix any issues before the busy fall season. Things to look for include:

 1. If you’ve changed your contact information, check that it’s been changed everywhere! It’s easy to miss a phone number, or to forget to replace a header in a Word document (I did that myself when I moved!)

2. Check for accuracy. Review all of your materials for typos or bad grammar. Make sure that what you show and say in your materials is really what you do – and that you’re representing everything correctly.

3. Check that everything’s current. Make sure that you still offer – and want to sell – all of the services that you describe in your marketing pieces. Make sure that you say that you’ve been in business for the correct number of years. That your professional associations and licenses are up-to-date. That your bio is accurate, and your headshot actually looks like you!

4. Check your designs to make sure they look modern or timeless – not out-of-date.

5. Make sure the print quality on your materials is the best that you can currently afford – and that’s currently available. 

6. Be sure you’re not ashamed to hand any of your materials out, or to refer anyone to any of your online materials.

7. Make sure that your materials reflect and support your current business and marketing plans – and what you want your business to be!