It’s a bright idea to think about your clients and how your brand relates to them!

1. Define your ideal client in detail: What are they like? What do they want? What do they do? What do they need? Where do they hang out? 

2. Ask some of your best clients what they think of your brand and if there is room for improvement. 

3. Ask all of your clients how your brand can be clearer and serve their needs better. 

4. Create a thank-you card and start using it to thank your clients! 

5. Create a referral packet to make it easy for clients to suggest you to people they know. 

6. Test your newsletter sign-up process to make sure that your customers are having a great experience, and to see that your opt-in and thank-you emails are designed as well as possible.

7. Review your ordering and client intake processes and materials to make sure that they’re as user-friendly and clear as possible. Good design will help make these materials more understandable.