A consistent brand is a powerful brand.

Make your brand into a superbrand with these tips:

1. See if your website design is consistent with your business card: examine it yourself and then ask 3 clients or associates. They don’t have to look exactly the same, but they do have to resemble one another and look like they’re coming from the same company!

2. Do the same review with all of your materials. It’s most important that materials that will refer to one another match closely – like the business card and website, or your letterhead and envelope, or newsletter and website. But everything should look like it has a central visual theme.

3. Pay especially close attention to materials of the same kind. If you have multiple ebooks, make sure that they “go together”. Make sure all of your employees’ business cards are designed consistently, off the same template.

4. Check your website to make sure that the layouts and fonts on different pages follows the same template. Headlines should all be the same size and color. Your newsletter sign-up box should appear in the same place on each page.

5. Check your color palettes for consistency. Are you using colors in a consistent way (for example, the same background color on your headers)?

6. Start using consistent fonts in every Word document a client will see. From your contracts to your intake questionnaire to your project delivery documentation, everything should match.

7. Review your writing – make sure your bio is the same (or, that you are using the same 100-word version, 250-word version, etc. across all opportunities), that you talk about “what you do” in the same way and that you’re using similar language across all of your materials.