When you are designing new marketing materials for your small business, you have a perfect opportunity to create consistency.

The best (and easiest) way to go about this is by establishing – and then following – some guidelines about the elements you use in your brand. Let’s call them Brand Rules. If you’re familiar with design vocabulary, they’re also known as Corporate Style Guides, Style Manuals, Brand Guidelines – you get the picture.

What’s in a set of Brand Rules?

The exact set of Rules that your brand will have will be determined by your brand’s needs and strategy. But, here’s a sample of the type of information that may be included:

  • How to position your logo
  • How much white space you should surround your logo with
  • Color guidelines for your logo and a color palette to use for other brand elements
  • Font guidelines, specifying headline fonts, subheads, font sizes, print and online fonts – basically, fonts to use in every circumstance
  • How to design and lay out your tagline on your materials
  • The type of photos you should use, and how to use them in your materials
  • Specifications on patterns that you can use as backgrounds and highlights
  • Border treatments for print and web materials
  • Button treatments for website use
  • Social media icons that match your brand the best
  • Paper types to use when you print your materials

Once you have these guidelines established, all you have to do is follow them when creating new materials – and then all of your materials will wind up being consistent with one another!