Can you give me your opinion on changing the colours in your logo to suit different types of advertising.

What impression does it give, and will it effect long term establishment of that brand/logo.?


For a small business, I recommend NOT changing your company's logo colors (aside from using a color version and a black and white version where applicable). One of your logo's primary jobs is to be memorable. One of the best ways to become memorable is by being consistent with your logo and brand's appearance. You should have a set color palette that you work with because color is one of the most powerful parts of the initial impression – people often remember the colors of a brand earlier than they will remember the logo's icon or even the company name.

There is the occasional brand where changing the logo's color palette becomes a part of the brand's statement. It gives the impression of variety, wide-ranging scope, ability to change, and flexibility. This will be added to the impression that the different colors you've chosen have But, since this type of business has more variation in their look, it usually takes longer to build and establish memorability, and to train your clients to expect to see the brand in different colors.